Khool Physiotherapy - What can i expect?

What can I expect? What is involved in treatment?

Treatments are usually 45 minutes in length. After listening to your history of injury we conduct a brief physical examination to locate the source and determine the cause of your pain. We then educate you regarding the cause of your pain and how to prevent it from worsening

Treatment initially may involve soft tissue massage and techniques to realign your muscles and joints. These can be slightly painful but usually are very relieving.
This can be followed by applying electrophysical agents to the source of pain including therapeutic ultrasound, interferential, dry needling, heat packs, icing, or compression therapy.

Mechanical traction may be used to stretch tight backs or necks resulting from compression of discs and joint spaces.

This is usually followed by prescription of graduated strengthening and stretching exercises to relieve joint and muscle stiffness and weakness. 

You may be slightly sore from treatment for the following day only -  particularly if your muscles are already significantly tight and sore to begin with. However, pain usually subsides and is greatly relieved in the following days. 

We also have full access to a fully-equipped gymnasium in Meadowbank - just down stairs from us - for all your rehabilitation needs.

Exercise will be an important part of rehabilitation from injuries. At Khool Physiotherapy we have access to a fully-equipped gymnasium in Meadowbank

To join the gymnasium go to